Coast Aluminum Industrial & Specialty Metal Supply in Reno, NV

Right in the bustling heart of Reno, Coast Aluminum offers a vast array of industrial and specialty metal materials, including premium aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and essential architectural products for all Northern Nevada needs. With an inventory that includes everything from rod bars, tubes, and pipes to sheets and plates, our detailed Product Catalog contains specifications on dimensions, thickness, and weight for every item listed.

Quality and reliability are two bywords that have firmly established Coast Aluminum as a reliable partner in Reno’s thriving industrial and construction sectors, ensuring that each custom project meets with success. With our extensive metal supply, Reno and the broader northern region of the Silver State are well-equipped to forge ahead with the material needs of continuous development and growth. Drop by or get in touch today to find out how we can fulfill all your specialized metal needs!


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