Coast Aluminum Specialty Metal Supply in Metropolitan Boise

Located due west of Boise in the booming city of Nampa, ID, Coast Aluminum is a premier supplier of specialty industrial and architectural metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brass. Our extensive product range covers everything from rod bars to tubes, pipes, sheets, and plates. Each item is comprehensively detailed in our Product Catalog, which includes precise information on dimensions, thickness, and weight.

Known for our commitment to excellence and dependability, Coast Aluminum has become a trusted partner for addressing the specialized industrial and construction needs of Nampa, Boise and all the fast-growing communities of southwestern Idaho, providing customized solutions for every project. Perfectly equipped and strategically situated to foster substantial development and growth in Idaho, we invite you to visit us or reach out today to gear up for your next venture!


(208) 825-6061


16245 Norco Way
Nampa, ID 83687